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Payyambalam Beach
Payyambalam Beach Is a beach in Kannur district of Kerala in India, that attracts tourists and local people. It often finds mention in tourism related publication as a beautiful beach. Now there is a garden close to it. This beach is just 2km away from Kannur town. A long clean beach with its enchanting ambience invites you to play in water, take sun bath or just launch around with your dear and near ones. At one end of the beach is a flat laterite cliff just into the sea which is picturesque and incredibly beautiful. The well laid out gardens and massive landscaped sculpture of mother and child greet the visitor to Payyambalam.
Muzhappilangad Beach
Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach is a beach in the state of Kerala in southwestern India. It is located parallel to National Highway 66(formerly National Highway 17) between Kannur and Thalassery. This beach is the largest Drive-In Beach in Asia . The beach festival is celebrated in the month of April and it is one of the important tourist attraction in the district of Kannur in Kerala. The youth also try many driving stunts in cars like drifting and wheeling in bikes as this is a paradise for driving along the shore. Just 100m from this beach you would find a private island, which can be reached by walk at times of low tide.

Meenkunnu Beach

Meenkunnu Beach, is a beach in Kannur district of Kerala, India. It is endowed with vast stretch of golden sand and coconut trees.Meenkunnu beach is 10 km away from Kannur town and is located in Azhikode village. It is an extension of Payyambalam beach.The name Meenkunnu is a combination of two Malayalam words meen and kunnu. Meen literally means fish and kunnu a small hill.
Dharmadam Island
Dharmadam Island is a small 2 hectare private island in between Kannur and Thalassery. It lies 100 metres from the mainland at Dharmadam. This island, covered with coconut palms and dense bush is a beautiful sight from the Muzhappilangad beach. During low tide, one can walk out to it from the beach. Permission is required to land on the island as it is privately owned. Dharmadam, known earlier as Dharmapattanam, was a Buddhist stronghold.

Ezhimala Beach

The Ezhimala beach is in Kannur district and is a very prominent beach which provides beautiful scenery of the coconut trees and the sun’s rays penetrating through them. Here, the hospitality provided is traditional and is often called a virgin territory. Entry to this beach is only with prior permission. This beach lies between hills and so is at a very high altitude. There is a hillock in this beach with a height of 286 meters. There are some stone pillars at several places which beautifies the beach. At the foot of the hills lie a burial chamber and an old cave. It is also famous for some of the rare medicinal herbs.

Kizhunna Ezhara Beach

Located 11 kilometers away from Kerala's district Kannur, Kizhunna Ezhara Beach is one of the most beautiful places of Kerala. The beach boasts tourists come from all over the world to spend their vacations and relish the beautiful surroundings. Kizhunna Ezhara Beach is far away from the hustle-bustle life since it is the most secluded beach offering retreat and peace to the tourists. Also, at sundown you can take pleasure in and enjoy lively Kathakali performances. This place is extremely good for peace and nature lovers.

Thottada Beach

Thottada Beach is a beautiful beach in Kannur district of Kerala, south India. It is situated at Thottada just about 2.5 km from the NH 17 connecting Kannur town and Thalassery and 7 km from Kannur town. The virgin beach 800 meter long is ideal for sun bathing. Tourists could stay at the beach house or guest house near the beach. The Thottada river (a small one) flows into one end of the beach. There is also a dam/bund built across the river 3 decades ago to keep the fresh water from salt water. Away from the sea the river spreads to form swamps which makes a great habitat for various birds and fishes.