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Paithalmala is a hill station in the Kannur district of Kerala in India. Located near Pottenplave village, at a height of 1372 m above sea level, this is the highest geographic peak in Kannur. It is located at 40 km from Taliparamba and 65 km from Kannur. Nestled in the Kerala Karnataka border near to Kodagu forests, it lies in the Western Ghats. It has become a favourite spot for the nature enthusiasts, photographers, trekkers and leisurely visitors.

Madayi Para

Madayi is also the site of the famous Madayi Kavu (Thiruvar Kadu Bhagavathi Temple) where devotees worship Mother Kali, Shakthi. The Goddess is known for Her blessings on devotees, and the temple is also famous for the Koyikalasham (Offering of chicken). The temple was one of the few to survive desecration by the armies of Tippu Sultan, which devotees attribute to the grace of the Goddess. The Kolathiri Rajahs were the protectors of the temple until it was transferred to the Devaswom Board. Nearby is the Vadukunnu Temple dedicated to Shiva

Aralam wild life sauntry

The Aralam Wildlife sanctuary is spread over 55 square kilometres of undulating forested highlands on the slopes of the Western Ghats. It was established in 1984. The headquarters of the sanctuary is near Iritty, a small town about 55 kilometres from Kannur. The sanctuary adjoins the Central state farm at Aralam. Aralam wild life sanctuary is situated in Muzhakkunnu panchayathu and Aralam panchayath. Muzhakkunnu is also a tourist spot.

Kanjirakolly Waterfalls, Payyavoor

The Kanjirakkoly waterfalls are situated around 55 km from Kannur. They are some of the beautiful waterfalls in North Kerala. Near to the waterfalls is Sasippaara, a viewpoint, which is 1 km away from the waterfalls.