The word Kalari means battlefield in Malayalam. Training for is traditionally done inside the Kalari.Every Kalari has a Puttara (meaning "platform where flowers are kept" in Malayalam). The Puttara is a seven tiered platform placed in the south-west corner and houses the guardian deity of the Kalari. The seven tiers symbolise the seven abilities that each person must possess: Vignesva (strength), Channiga (patience), Vishnu (power to command), Vadugashcha (the posture), Tadaguru (training), Kali (the expression) and Vakasta - purushu (sound). Other deities, most of them incarnations of the Bhagavathi or Shiva, are installed in the corners. Flowers, incense and water are offered to the deity every day.

Kamba Vali

Tug of war vadam vali or Kamba vali is a sports item that is an main item during Onam festivities in Kannur, VAdam vali is also known as rope pulling, this sport involves two teams of Seven set against each other in a test of strength. The teams start with the rope's centre directly above a line marked on the ground. Roaring spectators cheer the teams standing on the side of their favourite team. Once the contest (the "pulling") has commenced, each team try to pull the other team to their side. The team that successfully pulls the opponent to their side crossing the centre line will be declared as winners.

Kalayotta Malsaram

Kalayottam or Bull race is an thrilling competation in kerala during Onam season. The race is conducted at vast stretch of freshly ploughed Kandams (paddy fields). Excited villagers crowd around the 'stadium' to cheer the participants. A pair of oxen managed by three persons forms a participating unit. Nearly 30 such units participate in the race that starts at noon and continues up to dusk. Like professional Jockeys, these persons are also well trained and are experts in managing the oxen during the race. The oxen participating for these races are specially fed and trained. Anandappally is a connection point on way to pathanamthitta and pandalam